Lisa Coles , Thoughts , Reflections, & Moments in time
Lisa Coles , Thoughts , Reflections, & Moments in time

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  Lisa , just  living  and loving life.  Im not perfect,  I make mistakes,  I  get  knocked down,  But  I get  back up,  I keep going  And  i never give up...  But  damn  no  one  told  me  being  a  woman  would  be  this  hard....

 <<<<<~~~~~~ The  picture  to  the  left  is  Lisa Coles,  American, Virginian, and  a  Southern  " Red Neck Woman"  with  an  ATTITUDE

Above Lisa, From Staunton Virginia, In The United States Of America,

 Movie opens gender dialogue in Staunton
Visulite presents 'Transamerica' and discussion

STAUNTON — Just showing the new Felicity Huffman film “Transamerica,” a story about a pre-surgical transsexual, would be edgy enough for most small towns.

Yet moviegoers in Staunton jumped from the movie to real life Thursday, following the film with a discussion of living through gender dysphoria and sexual reassignment led by someone who knows her topic.

The transition has been a blessing, Lisa Coles told the audience
Coles, formerly Lisa Hartley, recently took the name of her husband, Ray Coles, a man she met in 2004. Before that, she was Bruce Hartley, a contractor and former lumberjack who moved to Staunton with his two sons in 1992.

Wearing a floral print sun dress and fur jacket, Coles spoke to a crowded house at the Visulite Cinema.

“Transamerica,” Coles said, presents an accurate description of the physical and emotional transformation experienced by many people who choose to undergo surgical procedures to change their given gender.

She patiently answered questions from the audience about the reaction she got from her family and the community after her five-year transformation from male to female. Coles said her mother and sons have accepted her identity and, with a few exceptions, so has the community.

She became a woman physically in 2003. Answering questions about her decision comes with the territory.

“When you don’t know about something you’re scared of it,” she said.

“The more people are educated about it, the easier it is for all of us.”

Most moviegoers seemed more curious than scared.

Following the film, Carol Turrentine of Middlebrook said she was surprised by the movie’s human quality. She praised the Visulite for bringing thought-provoking movies to town.

“It’s not just about the technical part,” she said. “It’s about differences in people and families.”

Despite the Valley’s socially conservative reputation, Sidney Bland of Harrisonburg, a women’s studies teacher at James Madison University who attended the movie, said he senses a mature, open-minded attitude toward differences in Staunton.

The film and Coles’ question-and-answer session afterwards were a learning experience, he said.

Coles, a Christian who said she believed God gave her the tools to fix her gender, said Thursday night’s turnout and the audience’s open-minded dialog were a testament to the community.

“I’m real, I’m human, I’m a woman, and I’m a good person,” she said.


Woooo Hooooo  Life  is good.  Its  just  unbeleiveable  how  my life  has  turned out.  Im  happy,  healthy,  liveing ,, and more  importantly, loveing  life...!!!!!!!

I  enjoy  a variety  of things,  from  rideing  our motorcycles,  to hikeing, kayacking,  traveling  and  going  danceing  every chance  we get.

 I  have  a strong  Christian  Faith,  and  apply  it  in both  mypersonal relationship  and  everyday life,  God has  blessed  me in so many  ways.

I  have  found  happiness  ,  and  sincerely  hope  that  you  also  find  what  you seek,  that  you  reach  your  goals,  and  realise  all of  your dreams.





From  the  desk  of Lisa Coles



Now  a lil  bit  about  me,  the  girl,  the  boss,  the  woman,  the child,  a  lil  bit  of  all  these,  all  wrapped  up  in  one  neat  lil  package.  Yep,  im  unique,  been  through  some  major  changes  to  get  where  I  am  today.  Im  sucessful,  own  a  business,  a  few  homes,   and  really  love  life.    But  most  importantly,  Im  a  RED  NECK  WOMAN, Christian  by  choice,   country  at  heart, A  Virginian  by  the  grace  of  God, Truly  Blessed  to  be  living  in  Staunton, And  a real  "down  to  earth " girl. 

 Im  all  girl,  paid  my  dues  and  love  who  I  am.  Im  the  first  one  on the dance  floor,  the  one  at  the front  of  the  line.  Ill  take lifes  chances,  and  at  times  risk  it all  to  get  where  I  want  to  be  in life. {{ dont  mis~understand  that,  I  am  not  going  to  take  a  man  into  my  bed,  Im  married.  and  totaly  faithfull  to  him...}}

  This  site    outlines  my  life.  It  tells  a  lil bit  about  what  ive  ben  through,  some  of  my adventures    in  news paper  stories  and  pictures.

  I  have  posted  this  to  help  people  understand  that,  girls  like  me  are  no  different  then  genetic  girls.  We  want  the same things, Love,  security  in  a  relationship,  a  comfortable  life,  and  something  to  beleive  in.  Its  also  here  to  show  other  girls  like  me,  that  the dream  is  in  fact  a reality  within  their  reach.  Just  work  hard,  set  your  goals,  and  achieve  your  dreams.

My  bottom  line  on  life,  "Its  good"  ,  we  all  have  bad  days,  and  situations.  Situations  can  really  suck,  but  life  is good.  If  you  find  yourself  in  Hell,  keep  runnin,  and  you  just  might  get  out  before  the devil  knows  your  there....

What  amazes  me,  is  the  number  of  visitors  that  this  site  has  had.  I  reckon  that  says  a lot  about   our  society.  Education,  knowing  the  facts  and  turnin  on  the  lights,  removes  the fears  that  darkness  hides..

 Enjoy  your  visit,  and  as  this  is  a  big  site,  be sure  to  book mark  the  address  and  come  back  again  to  see  the rest.  Share  this  with  your  friends,  use  it  to  explain  your  'situation'..  Sometimes  it  helps  to  be  able  to  just  give  someone  a link,  let  them  explore  and  learn.



  Thank's  for  droppin  in,    Leece



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Buddy & Lisa

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